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Results & A Whole Lot of Head Scratching

Well November 19th has come, gone and left us in a state of confusion. People wanted change and the voting public only voted in 3 new council members. The voting public is another area that has left me and many others confused. The cities inhabitants complain about Snow Removal, Potholes, Crime, Train Noise, Air Quality and yet only 27% of the Prince George Population decided to get out and vote. When I ask people if they had voted or were going to vote most didn’t care about the election what so ever. How could people not care about who is running their city. It’s an aspect of life that touches and influences all other aspects of your life. How? Well when your city raises property taxes to cover the growing debit of the city, that takes money out of your pocket. Money that could be spent on food, cloths, a place to live or that Big Mac you crave. When the city decides to let a business open next to your house that brings the value of your neighborhood down, again more money out of your pocket. Crime is a problem in every city, and Prince George is not an exception to this. When someone you know is assaulted,  robbed, raped, vandalized, or killed your city has failed you by not having enough police officers on duty for the city. When the company you work for leaves town or closes because there is not enough business you are again being let down by your municipal government. This is just a few examples and some may not apply to you or you haven’t experienced yet. The point I’m trying to get across is people need to vote. I don’t want to sound cliché, but there are people around the world fighting and being murdered for that right and we don’t care.

I am an avid Twitter user and the conversion that has been going on for 3 days now, since the November 19th election, is why do people not exercise their right to vote and how do we get people exercise that right. With idea’s being thrown out left and right here are a few that have gotten the most attention:

Online Voting: has been brought up and I think this is something that should be happening now. The internet is a huge part of our lives and using it as a tool to vote only seems natural. The cities of Vancouver and Surrey are looking at online voting, but nothing has come of that yet. The city of Markham, Ontario has been using online voting since 2003 and has seen increases to the tune of:

  • 91% of online voters said they would be “very likely” to vote online in the future
  • 88% of online voters in 2006 cite “convenience” as their primary reason for voting online
  • Markham saw online voting jump 48% from 7,210 in 2003 to 10,639 in 2006

Online voting does not come without some negative aspects to it. According to a discussion paper on internet voting  done by Elections B.C. in August of this year, is that it is harder to guarantee a fair election online. With a person sitting in a chair at home casting a vote there is no way to guarantee that the right person is casting the vote. If someone got a hold of a PIN number in my name then we are dealing with fraud. There is also the problem of Hackers getting into the system. From the articles I have been reading it looks like online voting is coming, it’s just a matter of time and security.

Compulsory Voting: which is used in Australia at all levels of government makes it mandatory to vote. Failure to vote results in a fine of $20 if a satisfactory explanation is not given (for example, illness or religious prohibition). If this fine is not paid then a court hearing is held for the offense. The percent of the population that this affects is about 5% so it does get a vast majority of the voters out during election time. Now there are pro’s and con’s to this system. The Pro’s obviously is higher voter turn out which in turn maximizes the amount of campaign cost reimbursement. The Con’s are that it goes against human rights of a persons right to choose wither or not to vote.

It is hard to understand why it is that people don’t want to vote and I’m sure we’ll be talking about voter apathy for years to come. I’m sure everyone has their reason for not voting all polished up so that when asked they can have a viable answer. Some don’t have an answer at all they just have no interest. As Carol Hanisch once said “The Personal is Political” and one day the people who do not vote will get affected in some form by their government. Until that day we, the people who do vote, will be left scratching our heads trying to figure it out. Maybe a study should be undertaken by UNBC’s political science department to find out why voter apathy is so high in today’s society.

Oh yeah the results of Prince George’s municipal election. If you haven’t already heard the results here is the breakdown of the count:



Shari Green: 6148

Lyn Hall: 9038

Dan Rogers: 5043

Brian Skakun: 8553

AlexHuber: 1104

Murry Krause: 7555

Brandon Lewis: 683

Albert Koehler: 6996

Eugene Fetterly: 474

Cameron Stolz: 6809

Bruce Fader: 298

Dave Wilbur: 6586

Garth Frizzell: 5850

Frank Everitt: 5342

Jordan Gadsby: 4910

Debora Munoz: 4617

Myrt Turner: 3952

Dorothy Friesen: 3348

Harry Ulch: 2643

Brad Gagnon: 2493

Scot Afflect: 2491

Joanne Dickenson: 2387

John Beebe: 2338

Travis Shaw: 1536

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Local Media: Council Candidates

So in an attempt to clean up the blog feed I have compacted the past Local Media post into a couple of posts. The first one was a post for Mayoral candidates and links to past articles about the candidates running for mayor. The second post, this post, is links to past articles about council candidates. So here are links to past articles about council candidates

Scot Affleck

Prince George Free Press – Affleck focuses on municipal spending

John Beebe

Prince George Citizen – Candidate frustrated by council procedure changes

Prince George Citizen – Running for councillor: John Beebe

Joanne Dickenson

Prince George Citizen – Houston councillor added to PG ballot

Frank Everitt

Prince George Free Press – Labour boss shoots for seat on council

Prince George Free Press – Dickenson runs for city council

Dorothy Friesen

Garth Frizzell

Prince George Citizen – Frizzell to seek reelection

Jordan Gadsby

Prince George Free Press – Gadsby would bring different perspective to council table

Brad Gagnon

Prince George Free Press – Brad Gagnon runs for city council

Lyn Hall

Prince George Free Press – Hall sets sights on city council seat

Albert Koehler

Prince George Free Press – Koehler seeks seat on city council

Murry Krause

Prince George Citizen – Rogers, Skakun, Krause seeking re-election

Prince George Free Press – Krause looking for fifth term on council

Debora Munoz

Prince George Citizen – Munoz seeking re-election

Prince George Citizen – Incumbent, running for councillor: Debora Munoz

Prince George Free Press – Munoz seeks re-election to city council

Travis Shaw

Prince George Citizen – Running for councillor: Travis Shaw

Prince George Citizen – Shaw unveils campaign platform

Prince George Free Press – Travis Shaw seeks spot on city council

Brian Skakun

Prince George Citizen – Rogers, Skakun, Krause seeking re-election

Cameron Stolz

Prince George Free Press – Stolz seeks second term on council

Myrt Turner

Prince George Free Press – Myrt Turner runs for council

Harry Ulch

Prince George Free Press – Ulch seeking seat on city council

Dave Wilbur

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Three more!

Hello all back here with another update from three Candidates. Thank you to Dorothy Friesen, Garth Frizzell, and Debora Munoz for being apart of this initiative. I hope to meet up with the candidates that have not responded  tonight at the forum that is being held at Cafe Voltaire which is in Books & Company on 2nd Ave. I hope to see lot of people there tonight and bring your questions. There is another Forum tomorrow night at the Ramada Inn starting at 6:00pm. This forum is being held by local newspaper The Prince George Citizen and will be a good one to attend. So if you can`t make it out tonight then try to attend the one tomorrow.

There has been a recent update to the forum page and a new forum has now been added. The new one is being held by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce and is on Nov 8th at 6:00pm at the College of New Caledonia. Thank you to Garth Frizzell for the comment on the forum page about the new forum. I’ve heard whispers that the Prince George Native Friendship Centre is looking at doing a forum, but it is just whispers and time is running out so I would not count on much happening there. Check out the forum page for other details and other forums that will be going on around the Prince George area.

Spread the words to your friends and family about this resource. The more people who visit the site the word will get out and people will have a place to read and make informed decisions. The vote is your to us, we just have to get out and use it. #iheartPG

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