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I became involved in public education as a parent volunteer at my daughter’s school and quickly found my passion for the rights of all students to a safe, quality , accessible public education that supports their individual needs. I firmly believe that a quality public education system is the cornerstone to our society.If we invest in our students today, all of society will see the benefits in the future. We must ensure that the individual, student and employee, feels welcome and supported.
I believe trustees need to be vocal and visible in our communities and around the province. I wish to elevate the profile of the Board thereby elevating the profile of public education. We need to engage with our communities as we celebrate our successes and address issues. Delivery of quality public education in a rural environment is becoming more and more challenging. Our voice needs to be heard at the Ministry level so that we as rural educators can effect policy and positive change. Recruitment, retention and support of our employees needs to be included in this conversation.
I have served as a Director on the Board for the BC School Trustees Assoc. I bring that experience back to SD57,  my home district. As a Director I have had the opportunity to bring forward and discuss many of the challenges and issues facing a northern rural Board, with representatives from all partners in education including Ministers and MLAs from around our province.
I am proud to be seen as proactive,  approachable and as one that listens to the input from all partners in education and the broader community. I will continue to nurture these relationships as well as develop new ones.
I am seeking re-election because I am excited about the next four years and the opportunity this new Board will have in creating the best possible public education for our students. I ask for your vote on November 15.
Thank you
Trish Bella, Candidate for School Trustee

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