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I have been a resident of Mackenzie and Prince George for the past 41 years. I am a retired School Principal/Teacher. My experiences included being a Principal at Westwood Elementary, College Heights Elementary, Hart Highlands Elementary, Mackenzie Elementary, and Mountain View Elementary schools and a Vice Principal/Teacher at three elementary schools in Prince George. I am married to Myrna and have two grown sons, Shawn and Scott, who attended school and participated in various sports activities in Prince George. I have worked for Elections BC as a District Electoral Officer and a Practicum Supervisor at UNBC. I have been active in numerous volunteer activities. I was the President of the Prince George Administrators Association and a Director on the Board of the British Columbia Principal’s and Vice Principal’s Association. I am presently Chair of the Sport Committee for the 2015 Canada Winter Games, Chair of the Great White North Lacrosse Commission in Northern British Columbia, 2015 Winter Games Torchbearer, and city tour guide for the Chamber of Commerce.

Reason for Running for School Trustee

After working in School District #57 for thirty-five years, I feel I have the experience and strong working knowledge of how our school district works. I want to give back to my community and work cooperatively with the school district staff and other trustees to continue to advocate for the students and teachers in our district. I feel with my background I can ask the important questions, deal with the complex funding issues, and continue to direct more funds to the classrooms and the students. I will advocate for students and teachers because education matters.

Education Issues

– I am a firm believer in open, honest communication and transparency. – Educational stakeholders need to feel comfortable bringing forward ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Safe Schools – The district needs to continue supporting policies and procedures that make the school safe for all students, parents and employees. There should be zero tolerance for bullying, including cyber bullying and harassment of students.

Technology – Our students will benefit from the seamless blending of technology into the teaching and learning process. Devices like iPads and the use of Smart Boards create connections within the classroom, the school and beyond. Teachers need the tools and access to training to enhance learning opportunities.

School Funding – We must balance the needs of the taxpayer while continuing to advocate for additional funds for students, especially students requiring additional support with their behaviour and learning. We must also continue to lobby government for additional funds and resources for BC classrooms, school building upgrades and playgrounds.

Special Education – Student Support Services.  –It is crucial to provide the supports for the many “at risk” students enrolled in our schools. Exceptional students, from struggling learners to enrichment students need the additional supports. This is the class composition issue we heard so much about in the news. Support staff and teachers require additional funding and resources to enhance the learning situation in the classroom.

Rural and Urban Schools – We need to continue to support our rural schools such as Hixon and Giscome and make sure that the resources and funding is in place including transportation. School District # 57 is a large and unique mix of neighbourhoods, rural, inner city and choice schools. Each offers opportunities and challenges while helping to define our sense of community.

Mending Fences – After experiencing a challenging strike it is essential to get everyone back working together by supporting and respecting our teachers and support staff. I definitely would not suggest following the Coquitlam district’s removal of one day’s pay. It is time to move forward and support the teachers, support staff and students in our classrooms. Building relationships is a key component for the school district.

With my extensive background in education, leadership skills, and strong volunteer background I feel I could be an effective School District #57 –Trustee



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