Kate Cooke

Kate CookeEmail: trusteecooke@gmail.com

Twitter: @trusteecooke

Website: trusteecooke.blogspot.ca






I have worked hard for the the last three years and am running for re-elction with the same goals in mind:
1. Advocate for partner groups, help realize their hopes and goals for students and a good work environment for all.
2. Keep management accountable with high expectations for educational and financial decisions.
3. Provide evidence and keep up the pressure on the provincial government to recognize that our school system is underfunded.

I have been a School District 57 trustee since 2011 and have worked hard to:

• stay on top of issues by talking with teachers, principals, support staff, and teachers on a regular basis; learn about real priorities and the real impact of an underfunded education system
• include partner groups in decision-making by opening up the committee process and keeping their concerns active during closed-door discussions (which is an issue – too many decisions are made this way)
• insist on high standards for board communication, district reporting on achievement, student information systems, and celebration of the work of staff and students
• support all students through asking for LGBTQ anti-bullying policy (stood alone on this in 2012, like many other issues), return to class composition reporting, and re-examining student access to innovative technology
• respect parent requests for release of enrolment projections, registration data, and revisiting catchment policies to keep families together
• ask tough questions of senior management and vote according to principle, never rubber stamp; only support budgets that show what has been cut from public education and that include the input from partner groups


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