Dori Alger

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As a candidate for School Board Trustee I will ACT on behalf of the communities represented in the district listening to their concerns and working towards “building and maintaining a school system that reflects their priorities, values and expectations.” Trustees guide the district by setting policy, making plans and approving the budget.

Three Pillars




My #1 priority is for our learners to experience academic ACHIEVEMENT in the areas of literacy and numeracy by providing additional direct support in the classroom from educational assistants, learning specialists, or other support depending on the needs. This assistance focuses on all learners particularly the vulnerable but also the gifted. I will recommend CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to provide an environment that is conducive to learning both in physical infrastructure and atmosphere offering a safe, caring, and orderly learning situation. Innovation in fiscal responsibility using funds where they are most needed and bring the most benefit is very important to me. I believe that TEAMWORK is foundational to our success. Collaboration and cooperation is essential between students, parents, teachers, PEA, support staff, administration, board members and our partner organizations.

So, Why Me?

I listen and I care. I want this generation, this board, to leave a legacy of quality education. I am an experienced board member , as a host mom for and international students, I have a global perspective on public education.

Who Am I?

Raised in Prince George, I have a long-term commitment to the north and this district. I graduated from Duchess Park Secondary, the College of New Caledonia, and the University of Northern British Columbia and am blessed with two amazing daughters. As a life-long learner, I am passionate about public education. I am committed to being in a state of continual learning whether it is academic, athletic, or artistic. I have a long history of volunteerism in the community, serving as a volleyball coach for school and club teams, as a front desk volunteer at the YMCA, and as the local administrator for the House of Hope (an orphanage in Thailand).

For the Alumni Association of UNBC, I currently am:

  • Treasurer
  • Treasurer for the MBA Chapter
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Governance Committee Member

For four years I was a private school board member:

  •  Personnel Committee Chair
  • Finance Committee Member
  •  Salary Committee Member




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