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“FUDGE – Not Just Another Brown Lump”. Those who know me, know this is true.

I am a Scientist and not a politician. I will tell you the truth and not what you want me to say just to win your vote. Unlike other candidates who have years of experience talking grammatically correct in front of groups or students, I have trouble speaking grammatically correct for one day.  I am not perfect, and I hope you can accept that. I may not be the best person running for a trustee position, but there are seven positions, so why should I deserve to be one of seven trustees?

I have spent the past seven years as an active member of DPAC (District  Parent Advisory Council), representing the parents whose children attended Spruceland Traditional Elementary. I have also represented DPAC at provincial BCCPAC functions and gave several presentations to trustees, PACs and others parents. I am not afraid to stand up against CUPE, PEA, PGDTA or the school board trustees on issues I think are not correct and I have, on occasion, accused certain groups of sticking their head in the sand on school issues. Out of the new candidates running I believe I have the most experience representing the voice of the parents in this district.

I have an imaginative mind, a sense of humour, as well as the ability to spot patterns and trends in data. I have spent twenty years looking at meteorology and air quality data and spotting patterns and issues that no other person has spotted. This experience may lead to issues being found in the school system that no one had noticed before (e.g., I am also known to think outside the box and look at issues from a completely different angle. When asked how one can drop an egg on a concrete floor without cracking it, most people will spend time and resources trying to protect the egg. I would point out that it doesn’t matter because no matter how you dropped the egg, it will never crack the concrete floor. Sometimes what seems to be the obvious is not the issue. Is it better to have seven great leaders on the board spending time and resources protecting the egg, or have at least one person who is able to think  outside that box?

In order for a board to be successful the strengths in one trustee should be different than those in the other trustees. The school board needs a strong leader, influencer, equalizer, teacher and a strong innovator who is able to think outside the box. You will not find a Superman out there to solve all the schools problems, but with the right combination you can have a super team.

Throughout this campaign I have not once asked for your vote,

All I asked for is that you vote, and for you to vote wisely.


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