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My platform is based on 4 beliefs I have after the 5 1/2 years I have spent in the gallery of School Board meetings as spokesperson for my rural school, Giscome Elementary and they are:

1) Equal access to high quality education for all students of this vast and diverse district

2) Change needs to be created in the “cookie cutter” Victoria based planning processes of the Ministry of Education

3) The need for a clear plan and vision for this district that spans the next 10, 20 and 50 years

4) A plan to deliver early education to students in community based programs.

My goal, should I be elected, is to work with my fellow trustees to find sustainable, creative solutions to our unique educational needs in School District 57. I will not only lobby for more funding, but to find ways to provide the high quality education that all our students deserve wherever the student lives. I believe that this can be accomplished through partnerships, innovations and working to change the urban based decision making process that currently takes place on a Ministry level. These processes must be changed to allow for sustainable rural education and the changing face of education in the 21st century. I believe that technology can provide many opportunities for delivering quality education in certain instances, but only when married with well trained staff. A smart board is only as smart as the teacher running it.

I believe that the next school board must look forward to changing these outdated processes to deal with today’s educational, facility and human resource issues. Our District also started developing a strategic plan for what the future will look like for the schools in this district and I am excited to be part of that planning process. This vision of our student’s future is something that I believe has always been sorely lacking in this district. Our students are served by this district for hopefully, 15-17 years; our staff for hopefully, many more of their working years and we need to know to the best of our ability what that future will look like. And yes, I said students for 15-17 years because I also am a strong advocate for community based pre-school learning and literacy programs, as these programs can be the key to a student’s future success, but they must be provided in the community based on individual community values. I am a homemaker with 2 children, 1 in a small rural school and one in a large urban high school, I have been an active member of my school community, a school bus driver and loud voice for my area and I am passionate about the value of rural and public education in our district and province. I have shown that I will work tirelessly for our students until a job is accomplished, and I would like to do this for all of our students in School District 57.

A vote for me on the 15th of November will bring a strong voice to our school board for the next four years and I vow to work hard to make education sustainable, accessible and an inclusive part of this district.

Thank you







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