Don Zurowski

Don ZurowskiEmail:

Twitter: @donformayorpg

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#1 Why should the citizens of Prince George vote for you?

The citizens of Prince George should vote for me because I am the mayoral candidate with a vision. While I have many ideas for Prince George, I have a few that I am very focused on and that align with the ambition of our community. I see our population growing to 100,000 residents. We need to grow our population this much in order to share the tax burden associated with the many outstanding amenities we currently enjoy. We also need to grow our population this much in order to maintain and improve our current infrastructure without taxing property owners any more than is absolutely necessary. Early in my first term as mayor I will assemble a Mayor’s task force with representatives from groups such as Prince George Construction Association, Canadian Home Builders Association Northern BC, Initiatives Prince George, Prince George Airport, Prince George Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Development Corporation, UNBC, CNC, Lheidli T’enneh, Northern Health, etc. This task force will focus on understanding the opportunities and challenges Prince George faces when it comes to growing.

I will personally engage local businesses to find ways the city can help and encourage them to recruit and retain skilled labour. The city will advertise in the hot labour markets of Northwest and Northeast BC, as well as Northern Alberta. Many of the workers in those markets live with their families in other communities- why not Prince George? I will also actively encourage the residents and businesses of Prince George to invite their friends, families and colleagues to live in Prince George. But in order for the residents of this great city to feel comfortable about doing some guerilla marketing we need to address a few issues. The first issue is restoring civic pride. I am concerned about Prince George’s reputation outside of our boundaries. It is a barrier to attracting new residents, businesses and skilled labour. Attraction is essential; retention is vital. Improving civic pride starts with the basics- let’s bring our snow clearing back to the level it was when it was world renowned. You pay for it so why shouldn’t you get the service you’re accustomed to? Let’s put some of the money we’ve wasted on consultation and studies toward repairing our roads and mowing our lawns. The second issue is spending within our means; taking care of our needs before our wants. We have aging infrastructure and buildings. We need to take care of those before taking on any more large capital recreational and cultural projects. Over the last number of years I have heard from many people that city hall has stopped listening. Whether it is increased taxes, spending priorities, how infrastructure projects are managed, or snow clearing, people feel disconnected from their local government. As Mayor, I will restore access to the Mayor’s office so that citizens and taxpayers, alike, can voice their concerns and ask questions about city services and operations. People want their voices to be heard and I’m willing to listen. I am the mayoral candidate with a vision. I am a strong leader with many years of proven experience. Vote Zurowski for Mayor. Let’s get growing!

#2 What can the city of Prince George do to engage our youth to keep them

busy, safe, and out of gangs?

As I’ve mentioned already, Prince George has many great amenities, most of which are accessible to youth. I suppose the most popular way to engage our youth would be through social media and the internet. Ultimately, the city can provide those services, but it is up to parents, guardians and the youths, themselves, to make sure they are taking full advantage of them.


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