Travis Shaw / Foxy De-Rossi

Travis Shaw


Twitter: @FoxyDeRossi

Facebook: Foxy De-Rossi

The people of Prince George should vote for be because I already am so public (since I was 13) and not just as an entertainer but as a strong community member! People of Prince George know who I am and what I stand for and when I decide to do something they know I won’t quit or fake it they know they will get what they came for! I am involved in several areas I’m gay man – native – Asian – and adopted so in my head I’m white! Everything I’ve ever done is on Google or YouTube I have nothing to hide! I am born and raised in pg I’m 30 now work at the hospital and after being so sick with my brain tumor I can’t perform like I used to so to change and focus my energy on this new world of politics! I work with youth groups and college and university groups and with that I know what the youth want and need to keep them in out community with initiative and programs that work with Highschool and college and university to keep kids engaged in their education and let them know about community programs and different charities a lot of what I have learned is from those kids! Focus on what they can do rather what they can’t! Everyone has both value and purpose! A vote for me is a vote for a brighter and better Prince George I believe in you!
Travis / Foxy



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