Terri McConnachie

Terri McConnachie

Email: terri_mcconna@yahoo.ca

Website: www.terrimcconnachie.ca

Twitter: @Terri_McConna

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Following a life time invested in the non-profit sector and active volunteerism, I am working hard to earn Citizens’ support and vote, for a seat at the City of Prince George Council table. A long time citizen, my husband Kevin and I have raised here children here and we are fortunate that the majority of extended family lives here as well, and our family continues to grow. So you see my reasons for running for City Council are not completely altruistic. I have a lot invested in this community. Increasingly families, small business and people living on fixed incomes, which include the majority of working people, students and senior citizens, are finding it more & more difficult to make ends meet. There is a myriad of reasons for this, with large and complex influences and no single remedy, and much of it is outside the scope of the City Council table. However, the decisions made and the direction set at the municipal level affect us all at the ground level. Right here. Where our homes are, where we run our businesses and raise our children, build careers & spend our leisure time and increasingly, where we choose to spend our retirement years. It will be echoed vigorously on the campaign trail as to the need for a back to basics approach. That sentiment would be correct.

Infrastructure & Maintenance

Safe drinking water, roads, emergency services, and all systems working that are the foundation of a functional community. Some things are sacred. We are a winter city and the majority of the year is spent either preparing for, living through and dealing with the aftermath and cleaning up after – winter. And it is imperative that while Council continues to make replacing and upgrading ageing systems a priority, we cannot forget how we got here in the first place and we must simultaneously pay attention to ongoing and timely maintenance regimes. As opposed the ‘build it and they will come” adage, Council must first work with all its resources to determine what is needed to manage our community for the taxpayers that live here now. Back to basics also means, in my opinion, looking internally for solutions and while it will be necessary to reach outside our pool of expertise and look to a consultant for help, it must be the exception as opposed to the rule.

Beautification & Quality of Life 

While we are focused on infrastructure and maintenance and tapping into our own resources, it doesn’t mean we can’t look good & have fun at the same time! Beautification leads to civic pride, harm reduction and adds to the quality of life for citizens. Clean streets, groomed parks and public areas that are well lit, maintained and attractive to citizens and visitors are a must. A vibrant and thriving arts and small business community, sporting and other community celebratory events are important. After all, how we feel on the inside is reflected on the outside to others, and this is true with whole communities.


It is a big word. It’s difficult to spell. However, it is an essential concept at the Council table. It must not be forgotten, at the council table, just who’s money it is that we are managing and why! City Council sets the rate of which to take money from taxpayers’ pockets – to manage a community for its citizens. Winston Churchill said ‘it takes courage to stand up and speak out. It also takes courage to sit down and listen.’ A City Councillor must listen and weigh the facts before making a decision, keep an open mind as to the possibilities, and ultimately make the decision he or she thinks is the best for citizens of Prince George. I have learned first-hand that no one person can make anything great happen, alone. It takes a team of invested people that are individual enough to bring a diversity of skills and backgrounds to the table, yet cohesive enough to move forward with a collective eye on the prize.

It would be an honour to represent you on Council.


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