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Meeting with every voter during the 2014 Municipal Election is an impossible task for any candidate.  The following note is my attempt to have the greatest number of people in the city know: why I am running; my approach to decision making; what I will do if elected; and, why I will be able to do the things I have set out to do.

Why am I running?

I believe that I have an obligation to give back to the city that has given me so much.  In Prince George I found my wife of 47 years, built my family, my career and a good life. As a Councillor, I want to work to build Prince George to its full potential in business, arts and recreation.

My Approach

My priorities in my personal life and in business have always been needs over wants. I believe that the city’s core business is to provide, in exchange for taxes received, the core infrastructure that meets taxpayers’ needs. I see provision of core infrastructure as a need, and something that is not up for debate – it’s what the City promises to do when it accepts your taxes. If the City does not have the right people or the right equipment to get the job done, then we need to acquire the “right stuff” and get at “gettin’er done.”

Amenities, like a performing arts centre, a new Coliseum, pool and library upgrades or replacements, are wants. Personally I want them all, and more, but reality is – we cannot have them if we cannot pay for them. Paying for them requires growth and innovation to either build our tax base, or reconsider how we use current tax revenues. All of this requires a current, comprehensive, detailed economic development plan and listening to the taxpayers and respecting their opinions. Simply put, you would not build a house without a plan and considering the people who are going to live in it, and you can’t build a city without that either.

What I will do if elected

–          I will listen to and respect all opinions of citizens, staff, experts and other Council members.

–          I will endeavour to pay for what our city needs, at the current level of taxation

–          I will advocate that wants must be paid for through growth, or innovative thinking

–          I will strive to always act for the greater good of the citizens and city of Prince George.

–          I will be regularly available to any citizen, to listen to their needs. I will think carefully about what you have said, and I will act to see that the collective voice is always heard.

Why I will be able to do the things I have set out to do

I have an established reputation in Prince George of effective communication and innovative thinking, and as was so eloquently stated by my Citizen of the Year nominators, as an “ideas guy” who also knows how to get things done.

I have a history of business success and community involvement that has given me leadership and management skills and extensive experience in working with groups to achieve common goals and objectives. I am driven and committed by idea of building Prince George to be the best city it can be – a city that provides both quality of life and economic security for all of its citizens.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this information, and I encourage you to get out and vote to give Prince George the new faces, voices and attitudes on Council that it needs to grow – and I hope, that you will consider giving me your vote. If the information I have provided suggests that my views are in alignment with yours – I would encourage and appreciate you sharing this note with as many of your friends and associates as you are able to.


Roy Spooner, Candidate for Councillor


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