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Hello, my name is Ron Gallo.

I am seeking your support for the position of City Councillor and ask you to vote for me in the November 15th Civic Election. I am a life long resident of Prince George and come from a pioneer family of our community. Dan and Agnus Gallo worked hard to help shape Prince George in its early days and today I consider myself fortunate whenever I run into somebody who remembers the Silver Spike Restaurant. Located downtown on 3rd Avenue, the Silver Spike Restaurant was an icon of Prince George in the late 50’s. Following that my dad built the first brick building in Prince George. Still standing today and known as Books & Company, the Gallo Building was an office building with retail space on the main floor. I am married to Jennifer and we have three grown children who all call Prince George home. I consider myself lucky that I have been able to connect with so many people from all walks of live and from every corner of the city. I see a strong entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness in Prince George. So many people have shown a passionate and dedicated approach to improving our City. We have seen and heard of talented people, of all ages, develop unique and important tools that highlight my approach of finding local solutions for local issues. I do have the same and similar concerns as others when it comes to maintaining our roads through all four seasons. From maintenance of the fleet to how we handle snow removal and the repair of roads. Civic facilities are in a state of disrepair and we are looking at the very real possibility of having to find new monies to bring them up to a reasonable standard of usage. There are social issues that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. There are creative ways of dealing with issues around homelessness and engagement of all youth whether it be through sports, cultural events, arts or eduction. Seeing UNBC step up and offer tuition to youth that have been in Ministry care shows others that there is a way of achieving the greater good without being another burden on the taxpayer. I want to see unique partnerships developed to create unique opportunities for everyone in our City and see our Civic Pride explode. I will be a Councillor that will ask the questions and get the answers that will lead to viable solutions for our problems without bringing an undue burden to the taxpayer. My name is Ron Gallo and I want to be your next city councillor. I will bring my passion, dedication and loyalty to the table to make our city one that we can all be proud of.

On November 15th I ask that you please vote in our Civic Election and vote Ron Gallo for City Council.


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