Ravi Saxena

Ravi Saxena

Email: rvsaxena7@gmail.com








#1 Why should the citizens of Prince George vote for you?

My name is Ravi Saxena and I am running for the city council position. I moved to Prince George in  2008 along with my wife; son and daughter. I am an MBA graduate from UNBC,  a published author, researcher and a small business owner. I have over 30 years of experience in both business and service sector. I understand the ups and downs of the common man,  and herein lies my greatest strength.   Prince George has been a good home to me and my family, and now it’s time for me to return the favour.

My platform for council election are:

  • Safer & secure future for our younger generation.
  • Cost effective & well-balanced city budget.
  • Promote development of local business in Prince George.
  • Proper utilisation of resources.

TOGETHER Let’s build a safer, cleaner, and prosperous Prince George.

I am Ravi Saxena and I’m asking for your vote.

#2 What can the city of Prince George do to engage our youth to keep them
busy, safe, and out of gangs?

Thanks for asking this question because Safe & Secure Future For our Younger Generation is one of my platform. Like many of you as both a parent and proud community member, we can see that a significant percentage of our young generation is unfortunately not putting their energies in the right direction.


My point however is, “how do we save the future of the younger generation?” because I strongly think that well-rounded development is an invaluable asset for the long-term success and stability of children and our communities.

As an elected member of City Council I will work hard to introduce more youth programs, promote policies aimed at developing the social, mental well-being of our youth, and involve more youth in the development of our community. Many groups are working towards this goal though there is a long way to go and our city should be front and center. We have to work together and try our best to save the future for our younger generation. Our city’s future depends on it. I am putting some of my following suggestion:

  • Motivation for youth.
  • Family Support; Positive Family Communication; Caring School, Neighborhood  & more family oriented events or activities.
  • Youth as Resources; involve for fundraising; charity event; teach them how they will help other young kids and  Service to Others
  • Those who complain about skills shortages, should provide on-the-job training
  • Understand the gap between what younger’s wants and what is available in the market.

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