Monica Peacock

Monica Peacock 2


I am a very practical person who believes that Communication, Collaboration and Compromise are the C’s to our City’s future.

To promise more would not be practical – A person needs to get into the position to be able to see, hear and understand why, where and how effective change can be made.   I only promise to be honest and open about the process. That is where the C’s of the City will come into play.

I have lived in Prince George since October 01, 1995. I have 3 children, a daughter and 2 boys, with 4 grandsons and a best friend George who is my toy poodle. I believe in My community, so after 10 years of The Evening of Pink and 15 years with The Festival of Trees I feel the next step in giving is to put my name in for city council. Strategies need to be developed to accommodate the future while dealing with the present.

Every person’s back pocket or wallet in our community are feeling drained.  That makes dealing with a tight budget essential.  Increases in the tax rate in any amount need to be justified then Communicated.

  • Tax rate, snow removal and infrastructure along with road rehabilitation are challenges.
  • To strategize and develop new ideas and plans on the above
  • Input from the community is imperative
  • Business strategies for new ventures into Prince George – Meaning “Prince George is open for business”
  • Development of a strategy for youth interaction into community development.

“ I believe in Youth interaction”- ideas dealing with employment, transit, housing and entertainment for future city development plans   – A must

I feel this can be done with Communication, Collaboration and Compromise among the 9 people elected.

To know me is to understand I am a very practical person who IF I can’t move a mountain I will certainly find my way through it. That will take Collaboration. Team work makes a dream work. Please allow me the opportunity to make fiscal responsibility a dream come true. That will take Compromise

Vote Peacock on November 15th.


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