Jason Luke

Jason Luke

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Ask questions, demand answers, share your ideas!

Think outside the box and break the rules. Don’t be afraid to fail!

Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be!

My name is Jason Luke and I am very excited to be running for Prince George City Council. I am a local Realtor/Business Person. I originally came to Prince George in 1991, where I owned and operated the Mongolie Grill Restaurant and brought the Professional Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club to the Yellowhead Inn. I remained in P.G. until 2002, at which time I moved back to Vancouver for about 10 years. My family and I returned to P.G. in 2013, and I am proud to call Prince George my permanent home! I have a caring wife, 3 beautiful children, 2 cats, and a dog. I have coached with Minor Hockey for the past 10 years and I play goal on a regular basis. This fall, I was very excited to, once again “Pay it Forward” with the P.G. Treasure Hunt, which raised money and awareness for multiple charities.

As the eldest of four children with a single parent. I was brought up to have common sense and to be responsible enough to get things done!  I am driven, bold, and determined! I AM NOT afraid to speak my mind or fight for what is right!

When I get knocked down, I get right back up!

I LOVE PRINCE GEORGE and it is a great place to live and raise a family! Prince George only gets better when we all help each other and share our ideas and positive experiences! I do think it is time however for the residents of Prince George to stand up and start demanding changes on how this city is run and managed! It’s time for new blood and ideas, and its starts today by asking you to help make those changes by voting for me on November 15th! I am not afraid to share my ideas, thoughts and changes for Prince George, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU! I believe, the more City Hall listen to your concerns and ideas, the better our city will become! I don’t like how the City keeps the Public and Council in the dark with decisions. The City needs to be transparent and LISTEN to the people! The City works for the taxpayers!!!


I am not afraid to say how tired I am of the way city wastes our money on unnecessary studies and outlandish suggestions like rebuilding a picnic shelter for $1.5 Million! We need to change how red tape is wrapped around City Hall like a Christmas decoration, which discourages new businesses to open here. If I am elected, The City of Prince George WILL BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


I want to know who was responsible for our 4 month snow clearing fiasco last winter. No one is admitting to it. Instead, the city put residents at risk, ESPECIALLY SENIORS AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE MOBILITY CHALLENGES, then embarrassed us by getting a study done from an American Company on how WE should remove snow! I am surprised they didn’t call Hawaii to ask us how to play hockey! I want to go back to the lower snow fall threshold to make our streets and residents safe again.


I want to converse and compare notes with cities that have experience removing snow like, Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, ect. We can all share information together and save Prince George a ton of money! I would also like to have meetings with the men and woman who are on the ground clearing the snow from our streets and listen to how THEY think some effective ideas would be for clearing snow!


I want to stop the plow trucks from plowing bare streets and instead focus on plowing streets WITH snow. I am not sure why this would happen and I am curious to know the reason why.


I want the City to disclose to the public the full names of the companies they do business with, not the numbered company name.


I want to hire back the cleaning staff that the city let go from our swimming pools. I want the lifeguards to go back to helping save lives, not cleaning bathroom floors.


I want to work with the RCMP to expand the BlockWatch and Auxiliary Police Programs in our city. The Blockwatch program has been proven to help reduce crime when you have all your neighbors looking out for each other.


I want to look at strategically selling a handful of downtown properties the City owns to large anchor businesses, which will help encourage smaller businesses to open up around them, creating a more vibrant downtown.


Councils have said they want to revitalize downtown and create an entertainment district but I don’t know how this could possibly be the case! In the last 15 years we have lost well over 50% of our liquor primary licensees downtown!!!! If you want to increase entertainment and people downtown, you have to actually support people who are applying for a liquor license that want to open up entertainment businesses and stop filling the process with red tape! We are supposed to be a University town, but we have VERY minimal options for College and University Students to go to for entertainment at night downtown (or the general public). If we want to recruit and retain young students and professionals to live in Prince George, you need a healthy nightlife!


I would like to look at ways to help expand and further support the H.E.R.O.S. program, Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operations Society. This program DOES SAVE LIVES!


I want to work with Initiatives Prince George to see how we can encourage the Movie Industry to make movies here again.


I would like to see an O’ Canada Fog Horn installed on top of Connaught Hill, that goes off at 12 noon every day to remind us that we live in a great Canadian city like Prince George, and to leave a legacy for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.


There are a large amount of the long buses I see in our city that drive their routes mostly empty. Could we perhaps cut out half of the larger ones and replace with smaller buses? Would this be more cost effective?


The Prince George Cougars have spent millions of dollars on their team to keep it in our city, from new Lightshow, Bus, Dressing Rooms, Marketing, Fan interaction and experience. The Fans and Sponsors have also invested millions of dollars and great emotion in this team. The CN Centre score clock is on its last legs and the sound system needs to be upgraded. These both add to the Fan Experience! Both of these items not being addressed by the City is an embarrassment! They should be dealt with immediately! Isn’t the 2015 Winter Games coming to town?


There has been talk about building a brand new Performing Arts Centre which has an enormous price tag attached to it. If one day the Arts Centre comes to fruition, one idea might be to move the Spruce Kings up to Kin 1 and take out the Olympic size ice and add more seating. We could also possibly ADD luxury boxes to Kin 1 which would mean additional revenue for the city and the team. We could then refurbish/recycle/reuse the Coliseum for something like the Performing Arts Centre instead of building a brand new building costing Millions more!


I would like to see open forum meetings with the public to spark new ideas for the City. You live in Prince George, lets here your ideas!


I would like to see a weekly poll question posted on the right hand side of the city website for public input like, “Do you want the city to build a new Performing Arts Centre”, YES or NO?, ect. This will be terrific feedback from the general public.


I would like to work on putting in some kind of bylaw or regulation in that stops Big Trucks from blowing through red lights on in our city! This is not the Indy 500! Families live here! Slow down!


Fluoridation is a big topic here in Prince George. I have not met many people that are in favor of it. It will be interesting to see how the Citizens of Prince George vote on this topic and I believe the City should honor the wishes of the people, which ever way this vote goes.


It sounds like some of your complaints or ideas have been ignored and the younger voter believes their vote doesn’t matter…BUT I SAY THEY ARE WRONG! If you are 18, 19, in your 20’s, 30’s or are fed up with the City not listening to you, I am asking YOU to be leaders and vote for your new Prince George!


You can find me on Twitter @JasonLukeRE and my personal Facebook page.


I ask you to support my campaign.




2 thoughts on “Jason Luke

  1. Ken SIDDALL says:

    Well Jason, it sounds like we finally have someone with some good ideas for a change. I too have lived in PG since 1990 and coming from big snow country, my wife and I laugh about the way the city plows the streets. As for the big trucks running lights etc, we do have laws in place. In fact I believe I may have worked with your mother. Good luck with this election

  2. Marie Petriw says:

    After 33 yrs living outside city limits, I will be voting for the first time in the civic election. Thanks for your information and great ideas. Our roads were always cleared early mornings after a snowfall…. that is, until we got to First Avenue. .. and the remainder of the city streets=== Disgusting snow clearing.. Need new blood for sure in council.. and forward- looking mayor

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