Harry Ulch

Harry Ulch

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Prince George should vote for me because, I just don’t agree,nor just go along with other Councillors now. I want different.  I CARE

 To keep our youth busy, safe, and out of gangs.  Opportunities need to be available, in sports, clubs and art; all are great things.  I believe this has never changed, youth in sports and team sports help, but realize some are really expensive like hockey.  There are sports where fun is promoted and the cost not so much an issue, like basket-ball. volley-ball, baseball, track & field, swimming, skating, curling. Also use club involvement, like Girl-guides, Scouts, Cadets. There is always Art, some Art-projects recently happened at our Library.  A little competition where everyone get rewards, ribbons, gives pride and encouragement. Really, a challenge that always has to be worked on.
 I was a Conductor at , retired in 2005, after 31-year career. Great Financial advisors look after my pension. I married Wendy in 1970, we owned a motel for years. Wendy and I have three adult children and three grandchildren. I built the house we’re in and helped my daughter build hers, here in Prince George. Wendy and I are well-traveled, been in every Province, also Alaska and the Yukon, through twenty States. Holiday in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Cuba, Hawaii, San Francisco, also did four Cruises. God willing more to come. I volunteer some, I am one of many that make the Red Shirt Marathon – Walk of Honour happen for the Legion; and try hard to make the new Doubles Curling work at the Curling Club. I also volunteered to do some driving for the 2015 Winter Games. I worked years as a union man, most people I’ve met, worker or management are proud of the job they do, take pride in their work.
I bring the common sense voice of the common People; I am for full disclosure of City business, I favor  televising the meetings, show the public. I say hold the line on taxes, that $1000-a year Utility bill is a tax too, up 33% between 2008 and 2011; now more than doubled since 2008, that’s in six years. Wild City increases on user fees, Parking and taxes, need to be held down to, or near the Cost of Living. I would be the first to offer wage increases at the Cost of Living also. Realize, a new tax scam is on the horizon, called the Storm Utility charges, a rain water tax introduced as a Core review, one of many to gain 55 million a year in new tax dollars by the end of 2016. So after the election you want me, to hold the line on taxes. This City’s biggest expense is Police and Fire Protection, no one wants less, including me.
For 2015 Winter Games, this City guarantees the short fall, I heard their organizers have a financial success, mostly funded; right on. Fluoride referendum, great, people will decide. I hear Businesses have long waits for Building Inspections. A start up business does not need, may not afford, any procrastination. That has to be improved. 2.5 million dollars for Library renovation, would be money well spent. Other buildings need some renovating too. I like to spend wisely, good value for money. The next time Prince George takes the notion to spent $40 million plus on a project, I see a home for the Performing Arts on top of the page, with the Provincial and Federal Governments partnering. Some big Construction projects are done by out of town builders, why not local Contractors, who pay our taxes. Why pay $131,000 for an excuse, because the streets were not plowed. The trick to plow snow; get the equipment out of the barn and out of the yard. That money was a dip in the well,  only represents 8% of the 1.6 million dollars for Consultants last year, does the City even use that advice.
Years ago I understood, we would not have a flood threat because of Kenney Dam, but when the Fraser River is high, or when we are flooding , why is water not being held back, at Kenney Dam on the Nechako River, lets ask the upper Governments. Lets look after our parks and preserve green spaces. I keep my RV at home and oppose this City closing the sani-dump.
 I ask for your vote, and please ask others to vote for me too. I  CARE

One thought on “Harry Ulch

  1. Hey old Bud, you got my vote ! 👍

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