Debora Munoz

Debora Munoz



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Hi I’m Debora Munoz and I’m seeking your support for a seat on City Council.

I am a dependable, hardworking community leader with six years City Councillor experience. I have a strong background in public health care and a proven record of developing progressive public policy and influencing positive change for the greater good in Prince George. I stand for a healthy community, smart growth and development supported by a vibrant and diverse economy.

I have often said “in local government it is important to have effective leadership and a long-range vision because decisions made today shape the kind of City we will have many years from now”. During my first term on City Council from 2005 to 2008 I introduced and championed the development of a comprehensive, long-term integrated community sustainability plan (ICSP) for the City of Prince George. Today, and spanning out to year 2040 we have an integrated community sustainability plan for PG that outlines the long term social, environmental, and economic development goals of the community, AKA myPG.

If elected to Prince George City Council you can count on me to address the immediate needs and concerns of the community and at the same time act on the long term sustainability goals that were established by the community.

The no 1 issue facing the new mayor and council is ongoing maintenance and improvements to public infrastructure, such as road and sidewalk repairs, proper snow removal, parks, water, sanitary and drainage mains, etc. I would like to see a portion of the Federal Gas Tax funds and the new Canada Building fund earmarked each year to address ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacement of our aging infrastructure.

There needs to be a renewed focus on improving the aesthetics of downtown by creating a vibrant public realm with clean air; a diversity of conveniences; a market and cultural core district, upgrades to civic facilities; medium and high density mixed use neighbourhoods; and a network of bike-friendly, pedestrian-friendly, all season, animated green streets. The future of Prince George’s downtown, the community’s long-range integrated Community Sustainability Plan, myPG, and the City’s Official Community Plan were all developed by a broad cross-section of Prince George stakeholders, businesses and community organizations. If elected to City Council you can depend on my leadership, experience and political will to help develop the kind of City that attracts newcomers and investments to Prince George and provide the quality of life you want for yourselves, your children and grandchildren.

I understand the issues important to you and your family and I have the determination, the experience and the political will to act on them. On November 15th for Leadership you can Depend On! Vote Debora Munoz for City Council.  To learn more about me and to give your input on what matters most to you please visit


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