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Why should someone vote for Bryan Mix:

1. I have chosen to live in Prince George, because I love it here, I am very active and the amenities are great.  I have raised my kids here in P.G. both are successful  one a lawyer has moved onto Calgary and the other remains here at UNBC as a research assistant and masters candidate. Prince George is considered home town to both.  I have spent over 30 years in senior positions in the public service.  I understand what good governance is and will  work to ensure the principles of good governance are at play in my behavior and that of  the council I will may be participating in.   The campaign I am running is clear it is centered around quality of life for all citizens, progress and  prosperity, and good governance. (web site).  The three characteristics I can bring to council are Energy, Experience and Creativity.
I have a track record of huge success.  I have been on various community and professional organizations .   To name a few:
  • President Prince George Minor Hockey
  • President Prince George Spruce Kings.
  • Director Family YMCA of Northern British Columbia
  • President British Columbia School Business Officials
  • Founding Director of British Columbia Public School Employers Association
  • Director Public Education Benefits Trust  (chair of Investment Committee)
  • Director AIMHI (Prince George Association for Community Living)
The question focuses on  activities that may reduce the risk of gang membership for our youth.
  • I would ensure and that the DARE program is introduced to all our schools especially the ones in areas where the vulnerability index is the highest.
  • I would look for and promote anti-drug and anti-bullying strategies are emphasized and reemphasized to children of vulnerable age.
  • I would promote and support the programs of the South Fort George Family Resource Center and the Carney Hill Neighbourhood Center,
  • I would encourage these organizations to create a youth ambassador (role model) program and involve the Family YMCA of Northern British Columbia
  • I encourage the RCMP to monitor areas of vulnerability in our community and find ways to put outreach ambassadors to positively influence those who may be at risk
  • I would ensure that the skate parks are properly maintained and monitored.
    I would work with the P.G. Cougars and Spruce Kings to have a “Just Say No” to drugs and peer pressure.
These are just some of the ideas that may work.
Director 2015 Canada Games Host Society
Bryan Mix

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