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#1 Why should the citizens of Prince George vote for you?

I am a well-rounded individual with many years of experience as employee, employer, manager, diplomat, inventor, engineer and teacher.  As such I have been elected to council in November 2011 and have proven over that last 3 years that I contribute in a very constructive way to the important decision making at council.  I am well-balanced and multifaceted and after a successful career have the time that is required to successfully work as a councillor of our city that I love so much.  While the ever mentioned road rehabilitation, snow and ice removal are part of an essential service and are a must, other issues are facing our community to make it an even better place to live, work and retire.  For instance, capping potential tax increases to a maximum of the cost of living is a must, while the ever increasing tax spiral has to be interrupted.  It can be done!

#2 What can the city of Prince George do to engage our youth to keep them busy, safe, and out of gangs?

We have to have a respective community center and work together with schools and the advanced education institutions.  While I am not a fan of committees to solve problems, it may be wise to look at this issue non-the less with a greater focus and get all potential stakeholders involved. The committee initially should not be bigger than 6 individuals and not be chaired by a city official or councillor but by someone who has or is directly affected. After the initial agenda it may be wise to add special individuals, still limiting the total number of committee members to 10.  A strategy for the next 10 years should be developed, a strategy with realistic and achievable goals, attached with a time line.


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