Election 2011

November 19th 2011 saw all the cities in the Province of British Columbia go to the polls and vote. The city of Prince George saw some new faces elected to council and some old ones return. Prince George was also somewhat surprised to see a new mayor come in. About 15,266 people turned out to cast ballots this time around which is down from the pervious two elections. At the end of the day the people some of the people in Prince George spoke and the city ended up with Shari Green as Mayor with 6969 votes. As for councillors Prince George got three new ones in Lyn Hall with 9529 votes, Albert Koehler with 7324 votes, and Frank Everitt with 5638 votes. Prince George saw five familiar face return to city council with Garth Frizzell getting 6189 votes, Murry Krause with 7976 votes, Brian Skakun with 9040 votes, Cameron Stolz with 7146 votes, and Dave Wilbur with 6932 votes. Now all Prince George can do is sit back and hope the elected do what they said and make Prince George important again.


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