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TeamworkNovember 15th, 2014 has come and gone. A bit more of Prince George showed up for this election as 34% came out to vote as opposed to the 28% in 2011. This is encouraging , but there is still more work to do. There was a referendum vote on this ballot as well. Did Prince George support continued fluoridation? The numbers don’t lie and 10,171 people vote no as opposed to 8,764 yes votes to having fluoride in our water system. This referendum was non-binding so city does not have to stop putting fluoride into the water system, but you have to think how bad it would look if they didn’t stop and it’s citizens told them to. I was told on multiple occasions that the last three years of council were kind of dysfunctional for a couple of reasons. The two most common reasons I heard were lack of teamwork and lack of communication. I hope that this newly elected council lead by our new mayor can come together and get Prince George moving forward again.

What does City Council look like for the next four years?

Mayoral Candidates

Lyn Hall – 10463

Don Zurowski – 8850

Council Candidates

Brian Skakun – 12674

Murry Krause – 10304

Garth Fizzell – 8773

Albert Koehler – 8022

Jillian Merrick – 6829

Frank Everitt – 6788

Terri McConnachie – 6580

Susan Scott – 6218

Debora Munoz – 6122

Dave Wilbur – 5773

Bryan Mix – 4974

Cameron Stolz – 4916

Trent Derrick – 3893

Jason Luke – 3678

Monica Peacock – 3529

Alex Huber – 3227

Ron Gallo – 3130

Roy Spooner – 3029

Ravi Saxena – 2846

Harry Ulch – 2809

Gregg Kauk – 2485

Travis Shaw – 1956

Coralee Larsen – 1531

Don Roberts – 771

Jeffrey Cunin – 746

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First Mayoral Response

Don ZurowskiWe have just gotten our first response from one of the two gentlemen running for mayor of Prince George. Thank You Don Zurowski for participating in the PGELXN Blog and Good luck on your candidacy. The last 3 days have been very busy on the blog with 407 people visiting on Tuesday, 655 visits on Wednesday, and 781 visits on Thursday. Keep spreading the word and let your neighbours know that the information is out there to help them vote.

The Mayoral forum was well attended last night at UNBC in the Canfor theater. The theater holds about 250 people and there were people standing along the top as every seat was full. The forum was very well done as the moderator held each candidate accountable to answering the questions asked as well as letting them have some fun with each other. I thought the last question was really good as the moderator asked Lyn Hall to sum up Don Zurowski’s platform and what he learned about don that night. She them asked Don to do the same for Lyn. It looked like both were caught a bit of guard by this and it allowed for some unscripted commentary for both mayoral hopefuls. Were you at the forum last night? How did you think each candidate did? Leave your comments and let others know that could not make it last night to the forum.


I have included the link to the CKPG News site on their story about the Forum last night Mayoral Candidates Square Off at UNBC


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Mayoral Vote 2014

CBC PosterLast Wednesday night the two candidates running for mayor went head to head in a debate hosted by CBC Prince George. It was impressively attended by at least 200 people all wanting to get a glimpse of the two running for mayor and what they had to offer our great city. After attending that debate and listening to them both I could see that it was going to be hard for me to decide who I am voting for. I have added a poll to see where the citizens of Prince George stand on who should be mayor. I did this in 2011 and Dan Rogers came out on top and we all know who won the mayoral race that time, so take this poll with a grain of salt.

I would like to Thank Gregg Kauk for submitting a response  to PGELXN. To read his submission head over to his page on this site under council candidates.

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Two More & A New Poll!

I can’t say I am completely surprised at the results of the Campaign Sign poll. What did catch me off guard was the numbers. I know people didn’t find much use for them, but 90% of the 69 votes said no to Campaign Sign helping in their decision-making. All the money and time that candidates waste in putting up signs and it all maybe for nothing. I’m sure it’s not a complete loss as just the sight of them on a regular basis may help your brain recall their name when at the voting booth when you’re not sure who the last few votes should go to.

With the Campaign Sign poll over a week old I have decided to started a new poll. I had a request that I put up a poll to see who the site visitors are going to vote for in the mayoral race. I have left the Campaign Sign poll open if you’d still like to vote on that one as well, so let your voice be heard!

I have also received two responses from council candidates in the past few days. Thanks you to Murry Krause and  Dave Wilbur for participating in this blog. That just leaves council candidates Brian Skakun, Lyn Hall, Brad Gagnon, John Beebe, Scot Affleck and Mayoral Candidates Eugene Fetterly, and Alex Huber left to respond. I hope they respond soon as the election is only 8 days away and people need to have their information to make informed decisions.

I would also like to thank council candidate Garth Frizzell for inviting me to the town hall meeting on his election website I will be one of a few asking him question during this time and you the public will be able to listen to his responses. The town Hall meeting is going to Thursday Nov 18th at 07:00pm, so go by his site and check it out. If you have any questions you think I should ask leave your question in the comment section.

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Almost There

Well we are almost there in more ways than one. The first is November 19th is only 13 days away, so crunch time for the candidates is upon them. The second is I have 5 more response from Candidates. Thank You to Dan Rogers, Shari Green, Bruce Fader, Harry Ulch, and Cameron Stolz for participating in this blog for the citizens of Prince George. Check out the Mayoral and Council Candidates pages for their submissions.

The last of the public Forums is tomorrow night at the College Of New Caledonia at 6 pm. This one is being hosted by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce and the Prince George Library. Get there early if you was a seat as I’m sure it will fill fast and you’ll get left standing.

I put up a poll on the blog over the weekend about Campaign Signs. I’m hoping you’ll still answer the question. The response so far has been good and surprising, so keep checking back to find out the results and the comments.

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Local Media: Mayoral Candidates

So in an attempt to clean up the blog feed I have compacted the past Local Media post into a couple of posts. The first is a Mayoral post of links to past articles about the candidates for mayor. The second post is links to past articles about council candidates.  From now on I will blog post of media stuff for the day instead of separately. This will make things nicer looking and easier for you the reader to keep tack of. I will try to include as many article links as possible, but if I miss any please leave a comment in the comments section below so that other users of the site can go to them. First off is links to past articles for Mayoral Candidates

Eugene Fetterly

Free Press – Fetterly runs for mayor

Bruce Fader

Prince George Free Press – Bruce Fader runs for mayor

Brandon Lewis

Prince George Free Press – Brandon Lewis runs for mayor

Prince George Citizen – Running for mayor

Alex Huber

Prince George Free Press – Alex Huber runs for mayor

Shari Green

Prince George Citizen – Councillor announces bid for mayor’s chair

Prince George Citizen – Incumbent, mayoral candidate

Prince George Free Press – Mayoral candidate unveils platform

Dan Rogers

Prince George Free Press – Rogers seeking re-election

Prince George Citizen – Mayor kicks off reelection bid

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Continued Growth

Well it has been four days since I did an update here and in that time I have gotten responses from a lot of the candidates. They appreciate what I’m doing here and say they are going to send in information. I have updated the Mayoral Candidate page as well as the Council Candidates page. A big thank you to Frank Everitt, Albert Koehler, Travis Shaw, and Brandon Lewis for their responses.

I hope to have more information from other candidates soon and I will post it as I get it. If you use twitter then follow the candidates that use it as it is a great way to get more information from then without having to ask. Please spread the word about this site so that the citizens of Prince George can go to the polls with an informed vote. I also hope that this site can help increase voter turn out by making it easier for citizens that are apathetic about politics. The information is at our finger tips we just need to reach out and grab it. #iheartpg

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Another Response

Hey everybody we got our second response today from Joanne Dickenson. Thank you Joanne for participating in this project for the citizens of Prince George. I have also received e-mails from three other candidates saying that they will be submitting write ups for the site as well. I added a forum page at the top of the page showing all the forums that are being held during before election day. I have added some past articles from local newspapers as well. I will be adding some more articles very soon. Keep checking back and I hope this site help everyone before election day. #iheartPG

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