ProfileI created this blog for some very simple reasons. I was tired of hunting around the many media outlets, websites, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages to get the views and platforms that each candidate was running with. I wanted to go to one place and get all my information. I was not the only one that was seeking this type of place as the more I looked into it the more people seemed to come forward-looking for the same thing.

As I looked for my information I also found that the candidates with no funding or very little funding didn’t get heard or mention in the major media outlets like the candidates with big funding did. I didn’t know what half of the candidates stood for, what they hoped to achieve, and why I should vote for them.

In 2011 I started pgelxn.com as a site for the citizens of Prince George looking for a comprehensive place to get all their municipal election information. In 2011 I asked each candidate to write a 500 word response to “Why should we vote for you“.  The response was positive with 80% of the candidates submitting their platforms and reasons why Prince George should vote for them. Before election day over 500 people came here to read up on who they should vote for and on election day 3000 citizens came to read up. This blog has continued on with an average of  100 views a month since election day 2011.

It’s now 2014 and pgelxn.com is again helping the citizens of Prince George. I am not going to ask for 500 words this time as it was difficult for candidates to squeeze what they wanted to say into that amount of words. This time I am going to let them run free with their platforms and stances, but will ask them 3 questions that the citizens of Prince George want answers for.

Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions when it come to politics, but the slagging of candidates will be left off this blog. There is no room for personal attacks on people here and comments that do so will be deleted. If you have anything you would like to add to the site please feel free to fill out the comment form below and I will try to respond to you in a timely manner.

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