Filling Up Fast

GOTV-Voting-HandsYesterday I created pages for the School Board Trustee candidates and they have been filling up fast. Thank you to Andrew Burton, Tim Bennett, Brenda HookerBruce WiebeDennis FudgeSheldon Harris for participating in the blog. Yesterday we finished with 1987 visit to the blog for information. Keep spreading the word and let the people of Prince George know that there is a place to help them make a decision.

I just found an article on about how Prince George has been challenged by Kamloops to beat them in Voter turn out. I think this is a great challenge and lets kick some Kamloops butt!

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One thought on “Filling Up Fast

  1. gregg kauk says:

    Wow, voters! Great job! This new City Council looks a lot different! Thank You!

    In case anyone thinks I’m being sarcastic, let’s clarify. No, I wasn’t elected (thank GOD!) but my objective was accomplished (sorry, Cameron). On November 15th the city’s electorate chose a “councillor-mayor”, three newbies (all women), and turfed out two guys who consistently sided with “the Empress”, refused to acknowledge the collective objections of the taxpayers over their Core “Services” Review recommendations and implementations, and who resolutely insisted that they were doing what was best for us, even if we were too stupid to recognize it. See ya, boys!

    The official swearing-in ceremony is planned for December 1st. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away, and I did so want to be there to cheer on my pals who made it through the “pageant” that was the 30 days leading up to the election. I’m also very interested to see how everyone handles the Code of Conduct document.

    Has anyone read this thing? City Council (actually it must have been City administration, judging by the content of the document) put this piece of work together at the end of 2013 and all the councillors of the day signed it. Let’s hope this new group thinks better of it, now that they’re no longer in danger of being punished by the Empress.

    Basically, this document effectively muzzles, and limits the effectiveness of, our elected city officials. They arent allowed to talk to city staff (kinda blows the lid off Mayor-Elect Lyn Hall’s idea of strolling into the City Yard, eh?), they arent allowed to say anything bad about city staff or administration (probably why Bill Gaal still has a job!), and they arent allowed to say anything negative about each other (even though some of our previous councillors stole ideas from other councillors and took credit for them, outright lied to other councillors about community opinion, and blatantly withheld information from fellow councillors|). To make matters worse, if any member of council steps out of line (according to this document) they can and will be sanctioned by other members of council.


    We’ve got some serious problems in this city, and a lot of them start with city staff and administration. We (council, taxpayers, and staff alike) need to be able to speak frankly about some of the things that aren’t working and take action to correct the problems. If we limit the very people who can fix the problems, we might as well have saved a few bucks and did away with the last election.

    And who are these councillors to invoke sanctions on other councillors? The voters of Prince George put these elected officials into office. These councillors and the mayor are accountable to the voters and taxpayers of the city, not administration!

    Let’s send a clear message to these new councillors and our mayor-elect that this “Code of Conduct” document needs to be kicked to the curb! …and more about the future of our City Manager in blogs to follow!

    We are on the cusp of bringing about change for the better, Prince George! Let’s keep the momentum moving forward!

    gregg kauk

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