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PopularToday as I grabbed my copy of the Free Press from my mail box I noticed some flashy colours and a couple of fancy graph thingys on the front. Then I saw the title “Council Gets a Failing Grade” and got excited. I thought that it was going to be a juicy article about Potholes, Crime, Winter Olympics, Taxes, and City Pride, among other things. After reading the article, I was disappointed, to say the least, as it was just a bunch of numbers and no reasons to support why our elected city officials are failing us.

I can see why people are disappointed as it doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out. I have lived in Prince George now for eight years now and I can see what the citizens of Prince George are screaming for. Promises were made during last election by our current elected officials and the only promise that has been fulfilled is the Core Review. The Pot-Holes haven’t gotten any smaller, crime is still a major issue that honours us with a cruel title every year across Canada, snow removal has gotten worse, and Council has raised taxes by 3% or more in both of the budgets they have been involved in.

The Core Review was suppose to be a positive assessment tool for the city, to help us cut some costs, and assess spending but it looks like it is becoming a hindrance and doing the exact opposite. It appears to be slowing down the decision making process and creating more issues for council to debate week after week. Now the blame cannot all rest on the shoulders of our current city council. With a measly 27% voter turn out people elected two-thirds of the previous council. Please citizens of Prince George tell me how do we expect things to change when we keep electing the same people with the same ideas?

It’s time for action. It’s time for council to make some hard choices and live with the consequences. No more playing it safe, time to become very popular or very unpopular. Oh wait it looks like council is well on it way to unpopular.

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