Thank You, What Now?

Now with the election over and Prince George has its new Council I am left with trying to figure out what to do next with this site. I have had a few ideas rumbling through my noodle and I have come up with three that I think would be viable options.

#1 I do nothing and let this site sit for the next three years until the next election when I blow off the dust and try to give apathetic voters one less excuse to not vote.

#2 Turn it into a Prince George Watchdog type of sight were the citizens of Prince George can go to find out what is happening in their city and what council is doing right or wrong.

#3 Turn it into a site that promotes Prince George and shows off the great qualities of Prince George that the citizens, tourist don’t know about and shows the global media a side of Prince George that gets lost in the negativity.

I am leaning towards option#3 as of now, as it was inspired by a twitter hash tag #iheartPG. I think this is an area that needs help and I’m sure it is something Prince George citizens could get on board with, plus a little positivity makes the world go round. Let me know what you think I should do with the site by leaving a comment in the comment section or if you have an idea leave it in the same area I look forward to hearing from you.

I would like to thank everyone that visited the site over the last month an a half. It has been a great learning experience for me as I had just gotten into blogging when I started this one. I have made some new friends and talked to a lot of people about our democratic system. I am passionate about politics and I’m not sure where that passion came from. I hope that I can redirect this passion in hopes of inspiring others to vote and stand up for what they believe in. Thank you everybody for making this a great experience for me and I look forward to the next election and the improvements I can make on this blog next time.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You, What Now?

  1. Jason Morris says:

    #1 is not what blogging is about. It’s about posting and contributing. #2 sounds negative? Or the role of the media already. #3 PG has City Hall, Tourism PG, economic development agencies and so on to promote itself. #4 a repository for PG and area bloggers, guest posts, links to other bloggers, as a one-stop place for non-media, regular person PG political opinion?

    • K.Creamore says:

      Thanks Jason for the input. I guess when I was writing this post I was still trying to keep my opinion out of the post and keep the site unbiased & by partisan. I can now give my opinion, now that the election is over, on what is going on in this city.

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