Two More & A New Poll!

I can’t say I am completely surprised at the results of the Campaign Sign poll. What did catch me off guard was the numbers. I know people didn’t find much use for them, but 90% of the 69 votes said no to Campaign Sign helping in their decision-making. All the money and time that candidates waste in putting up signs and it all maybe for nothing. I’m sure it’s not a complete loss as just the sight of them on a regular basis may help your brain recall their name when at the voting booth when you’re not sure who the last few votes should go to.

With the Campaign Sign poll over a week old I have decided to started a new poll. I had a request that I put up a poll to see who the site visitors are going to vote for in the mayoral race. I have left the Campaign Sign poll open if you’d still like to vote on that one as well, so let your voice be heard!

I have also received two responses from council candidates in the past few days. Thanks you to Murry Krause and  Dave Wilbur for participating in this blog. That just leaves council candidates Brian Skakun, Lyn Hall, Brad Gagnon, John Beebe, Scot Affleck and Mayoral Candidates Eugene Fetterly, and Alex Huber left to respond. I hope they respond soon as the election is only 8 days away and people need to have their information to make informed decisions.

I would also like to thank council candidate Garth Frizzell for inviting me to the town hall meeting on his election website I will be one of a few asking him question during this time and you the public will be able to listen to his responses. The town Hall meeting is going to Thursday Nov 18th at 07:00pm, so go by his site and check it out. If you have any questions you think I should ask leave your question in the comment section.

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