Integrity Stations

Do you feel ready for the upcoming election? In blogging about the election over the past month I feel ready one day and then a candidate will say something that will make me change my mind. Making a decision can be tough sometimes. The only thing we can do as citizens is arm our self’s with information about each candidate and hope that they have some integrity and do what they say they were going to do.

We are only 10 days away from election day. The last public forum was last night at the College of New Caledonia hosted by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce & the Prince George Library. I had been to every forum until last night. I decided to try using another medium that was offered at this forum instead of being there in person. That medium was a live stream of the forum via the Prince George Public Library website. I hope this medium continues to be offered more often in the future as nothing beats sitting in the comfort of my couch with a bowl of popcorn. There were some technical difficulties at time during the stream, but nothing that could not be fixed for the next time. Funny thing is with the use of Twitter I was able to communicate with people at the forum. There were some great responses by a few of the candidates, but for the most part the same things were getting recycled over and over again. Some great questions got asked and the format was good as every candidate had different questions. Nothing makes a forum more boring than listening to 25 candidates answer the same question for an hour and all saying the same thing.  The last two forums are private forums. Wednesday Nov 9th up at UNBC for a political science class (Mayoral Candidates only) and one on November 14th at the Ramada for the Prince George Construction Association. So if you did not make it out to any of the other forums then this is your only resource left to form your list.

In other thoughts; have you been wondering where you can go to vote for this upcoming civic election. Well fret no more as I have dug up the information for you from the city of Prince George website. A good chap here in town as even gone a step further and mapped it out for you on his website

Qualified electors can vote from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at any of the following voting places:

Advance Voting Opportunities

November 9 and November 15, 2011 at City Hall

November 16 at UNBC

General Voting Day (November 19, 2011)

  • Kelly Road Secondary School 4540 Handlen Road
  • Vanway Elementary School 9777 Western Road
  • John McInnis Centre 3400 Westwood Drive
  • DP Todd Secondary School 4444 Hill Avenue
  • Malaspina Elementary School 7900 Malaspina Avenue
  • Ron Brent Elementary School 1401 17th Avenue
  • Edgewood Elementary School 4440 Craig Street
  • Blackburn Community Centre 2452 South Blackburn Road
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