Radio Interview

Word is starting to get out about the blog and I am grateful that this resource is appreciated. To making things easy to remember I have add a second domain name to the site. You can now access the site by just typing in

I did a phone interview with Marissa Harvey over at the Vista Broadcast Group here in Prince George. It was my first radio interview and from the people who heard it I sounded good. 94X FM and 97 FM The Wolf played the clip on the noon news. I am thankful for Marissa Harvey giving me the opportunity to share this blog on the radio. The interview is also on their website at HQ Prince George so go and check it out. I’m not sure if they will air the clip again on the radio, but I hope so as the residents of Prince George need to know this resource is here. My hope is to get everyone out to vote on November 19th and have their voice heard. This is our city and the decisions city council makes will affect all of our lives. Make sure it affects you in a positive way and that can only happen if we all vote!

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2 thoughts on “Radio Interview

  1. Jpols says:

    A much needed resource, and I hope this website becomes well-visited. It could easily later cover municipal politics once the dust has settled? (I have subscribed in Google Reader).

    • K.Creamore says:

      I hope the resource is used a lot as well & people find value in it. Since Marissa Harvey did the story on it I have been averaging 60 visits a day up from 35 the weeks before. I hope to get it out into the other media outlets in town as well.

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