Campaign Signs

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6 thoughts on “Campaign Signs

  1. They do, actually in the past I have not voted for people just because of poor placement of signs. I don’t think I have ever been swayed to vote for someone based on their signs though.

    • K.Creamore says:

      I am the same way. I don’t like it when I drive down the road & feel like I’m being spammed. Candidates that place signs in groups need to think about placement better. I have heard that when it comes to Campaign Signs the more the better off you’ll be, but when did that saying come about. All I have been hearing is the sign make people irritated. The environmental effects need to be taken into account as well. When the wind blows or the bored teen walks the signs end up all over the place. Just the other day I saw a Campaign Sign from the last federal election sitting in a bush near the cemetery.

      • I also think the people who get elected into these positions should be intelligent people, who are able to think ahead, and understand the consequences of their actions, but also evaluate situations from many angles. When a campaign sign obstructs my view while driving (view around corners, etc), I won’t soon forget who’s on that sign, and I will assume they didn’t think about their actions closely enough.

        Another point, and maybe more of a personal pet-peeve, in the past I’ve actually made notes about people who didn’t clean up their signs in a timely fashion, and avoided voting for them in the future. I understand that there is a need to “get your name out there” … but I would be happier with far fewer signs!

  2. tiben12 says:

    I have to agree with your comments as well. Before I decided to run for school trustee I asked a lot of people about how effective signs were and most said that the amount of signs was irritating rather than productive. My pet peeve is the amount of money that is spent on campaigning for office. Based on the numbers submitted following the 2008 election over $270,000 was spent on campaigns between civic candidates (not including those running for trustee or regional district). I look at that number and just think how that could impact our community. If even 10% were given to a local not for profit that could make a big difference. That is why I am not collecting campaign contributions. Those who want to support me are making donations to local charities. I am utilizing social media and getting out and talking to people about me and my platform and trying to get my name out there without signs. Is this the right choice? I hope so, but I am doing what I think is right and what the people want. If anyone wants information on my campaign you can visit my website at or my fan page at (I have also liked the other candidate’s pages that I could find from here so you can get informed about the other candidates). Thank you for the work on this page, I am telling everyone to check it out!

  3. Anita Amaral says:

    I have a huge issue with signs that become huge pieces of litter in my neighbourhood. I see areas that are congested with small plastic signs from candidates that after a big wind storm become nothing but chunks of plastic that get blown into our streets and plug up our gutters. I commend those candidates who have those huge sturdy signs that don’t budge after a wind storm. Those signs tend to be spread farther apart in areas that are eye catching and don’t make the community look like we have piles of garbage building up on the side of the road. With all their talk about taking initiatives to beautify the community, it bothers me that some of the candidates are not “practicing what they preach”. That being said, I’m not trying to say that those with bigger signs will get my vote, the fact is I also notice when the smaller signs are kept tidy and are well maintained. I appreciate when candidates do some follow up on their signs to ensure they aren’t blowing around all over the place. All it takes is a quick drive around the city and a moment to fix up or re-place your sign. I know that not all the candidates have the money to spend on some of the more sturdy billboards, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up 10 cheap signs all in a row to get my attention. What is getting my attention lately are the comments and the engagement of the candidates on Twitter. I was really excited to hear about certain candidates that were at the Studio fair, or taking in a Cougars game this weekend. I appreciate those candidates who are active in the community and are out enjoying what PG has to offer. #IheartPG is a way of life not just a slogan!

  4. hey there, i want a poll on who is going to win the mayoral election!

    keep up the great work!

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