Prince George Citizen Fourm

Well tonight was the Prince George Citizen forum at the Ramada Hotel and it was very well attended. every seat in the house was full and the sides as well as the atrium outside of the conference room was pack with standing citizens. It was great to see this type of response from the city seeing as the first three forums had very poor turn out. Only three candidates did not make this forum and those were Brandon Lewis, Bruce Fader, and Travis Smith. There was a lot of great questions and the council candidates only have 30 seconds to answer them. Mayoral candidates had a minute to answer the questions, but this was in part due to only four candidates showing up. I hope that this is a sign of things to come, and I believe it is, as we get closer to the November 19th election.

I have added another submission to the council page. This submission is from Myrt Turner. With this submission i now have only 9 more council candidates to get submissions from and 5 more mayoral candidates. I have gotten e-mails from a few saying they are sending in something and I have chat with a few at the forums that have said the same thing. So we should have full participation.

I have received an e-mail from a school trustee that is hoping I can add a page on here for them. I will be adding that page in the next day or two as I am hearing a demand for citizens for this as well. I have not been overly interested in the School district trustee race, but seeing as I have two daughters that attend school in Prince George I should probably take a much bigger interest in how running and what for.

Here are a few of the tweets that came up on twitter from the Prince George Citizen forum….

anitapamaral Nov 03, 6:01pm
Standing room only left. Should be a good forum tonight. Come on down for a 6pm start. #PGelxn #iheartPG 
anitapamaral Nov 03, 6:49pm
Gotta say @ShariGreen4Mayr has really seemed to kick this election up a notch. Some refreshing comments and very well spoken tonight #PGelxn
KCreamore Nov 03, 6:51pm
And Fetterly has arrived and only an hour late. Kind of weird to see him in a suit & tie. #PGelxn
anitapamaral Nov 03, 7:00pm
#PGelxn on selling PG: @garthfrizzell “we have to stop being the best well-kept secret” #IheartPG
anitapamaral Nov 03, 7:27pm
Agreed! Let’s vote on Nov19 to shake it up a bit! RT @BillBS @anitapamaral yeah that’s not right that’s why we need new blood #PGelxn
JenniferBrandle Nov 03, 7:29pm
@anitapamaral With #princegeorge Chamber/Public Library Forum this Tues, I’m interested in how the format works tonight, do tell. #PGelxn
ron_gallo Nov 03, 7:42pm
Eugene Fetterley “long live Brian Skakun” at #princegeorgeall-candidates forum #PGelxn
BillBS Nov 03, 7:49pm
Garth you’re right on – one of our best.
ron_gallo Nov 03, 7:52pm
Loud and sustained applause for Brian Skakun in reference to his stand on transparency. #PGelxn
BillBS Nov 03, 8:02pm
One of the Mayoralty candidates is an embarrassment yet he gets applause.
anitapamaral Nov 03, 8:11pm
“we need to flatten city hall…. I mean we have to flatten the decision-making in city hall” @stolzpg #freudianslip#PGelxn
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