Continued Growth

Well it has been four days since I did an update here and in that time I have gotten responses from a lot of the candidates. They appreciate what I’m doing here and say they are going to send in information. I have updated the Mayoral Candidate page as well as the Council Candidates page. A big thank you to Frank Everitt, Albert Koehler, Travis Shaw, and Brandon Lewis for their responses.

I hope to have more information from other candidates soon and I will post it as I get it. If you use twitter then follow the candidates that use it as it is a great way to get more information from then without having to ask. Please spread the word about this site so that the citizens of Prince George can go to the polls with an informed vote. I also hope that this site can help increase voter turn out by making it easier for citizens that are apathetic about politics. The information is at our finger tips we just need to reach out and grab it. #iheartpg

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