Quick Update

I have added a the lists of candidates to the Mayoral and Council pages. My goal now is to get each candidate to submit a 250 to 500 word write-up explaining why you should vote for them. If all goes well you will be able to come to one place and get all the information you need to vote instead of surfing the web for a few hours trying to find info. I will post the forum dates and times as I get them and news articles I find on-line will get posted here to with links to the original websites. When a list of place and times to vote comes out I will post that as well.

The site had 29 views in its first day and I only tweeted it once. I kept the site on the down low yesterday just so I could finish updating it. One of those 20 views came from CKPG news here in town and they have contacted me about the site. They just want to talk for now, but if that goes well then that will give the blog some validity and hopefully get the candidates to take it seriously. Fingers Crossed!

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One thought on “Quick Update

  1. shaunaharper says:

    Way to go Kevin. This will be a great resource for PG-ers.

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